Text data tables
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Text data tables

There is an ability to obtain selected data as plain text table for further computer processing. Use "Show results as a plain text table" checkbox to see tab-delimited text table instead of formatted HTML table with hyperlinks.

You can save selected data on your local disk as a single file

If you need to split it, producing individual files per each measurement, apply simple script (click here to save script split_msmts to your local disk).

This script is platform-independent, but requires Perl interpreter ( which is usually pre-installed at all UNIX-like platforms; if you don't have it, contact your system administrator). Make saved script executable using command:

chmod u+x split_msmts

Run this script by command

split_msmts name_of_file_to_split

To have files without titles run this script with -s option:

split_msmts -s name_of_file_to_split

The result will be a set of files like E?M?.dat in the current directory.

Each file contains the table with individual measurement data.

Use the following command if you need to join columns in separate files stripping comments:

perl -ne 'print unless /^[A-Za-z]/' list_of_filenames_or_wildcards > target_file_name

You can check "Show average value for W, Q2 ranges" option to have an additional columns with W and Q2 average values.