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Measurement E11M22

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Experiment: EG1, 2000

Spokespersons: P. Stoler, V. Burkert, R. Minehart

Measurement comment: Only statistical errors are presented


Quantity measured: Atπ, φπ), 1/sterad
Target asymmetry.
Beam: e, polarization: none
Target: p (Z=1, A=1), polarization: longitudinal
Final state: π0p, polarization: none

Q2 : 0.223 — 0.379 GeV2
W : 1.1 — 1.15 GeV

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cos(θπ) = dimensionless
Observable quantity measured (Y axis): Atπ, φπ), 1/sterad
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Parameter (X axis): φπ, deg

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